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|holy land =  
|holy land =  
|holy site(s) = [[Andar]]
|holy site(s) = [[Andar]]
|holy day(s) = Cruxen (38/3)<br>New Year's Eve (45/8)
|adherents =  
|adherents =  
|demonym = Cruxi
|demonym = Cruxi

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Symbol of Cruxi
Other names Ngamarakadanism
Branches Elladism
God(s) Ngamarakad
Founder Utha
Origin 120 Fa, Andar, Ahtdaenian Empire
Holy site(s) Andar
Holy day(s) Cruxen (38/3)
New Year's Eve (45/8)
Demonym Cruxi

Cruxi is a monotheistic religion widespread on Coracan. Its adherents, known as Cruxi or Cruxis, believe that Ngamarakad (typically referred to simply as 'God') is the supreme deity responsible for the creation of the universe.

The religion is believed to have originated around 120 Fa, more than 4000 years ago, near the city of Andar. The united Cruxi church held together for 1700 years until the Great Schism of 1828 Fa, dividing into Elladic and Saltyrian denominations.


The term 'Cruxi' comes from the symbol of the crux used by Cruxis. According to the religion, this was the shape that appeared to Cruxi's first prophet, Utha, in the sky, proclaiming Ngamarakad's plan for the present age to be the last and that he should persuade as many people as possible to turn to Ngamarakad before the final Apocalypse. 'Cruxi' means someone who proclaims the coming Final Apocalypse and of Ngamarakad's ultimity.


Cruxis believe in one supreme and uncreated creator god, variously called Ngamarakad, Ngama Ngamama, or, most commonly, simply 'God'.


Cruxis believe that the current era will be the last and ended by a Final, sixth, Apocalypse. At that point, the Primanna will be destroyed and the Cruxi faithful will be raised into heaven to live out eternity in the presence of Ngamarakad.









One main difference between Saltyrian Cruxi and Elladic Cruxi is that the former believe the world to have been created within God, rather than outside Himself. Elladis consider this a near-heretical syncretism with the Harmonic religions and was one of the reasons for the Schism.

Cultural influence

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