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Casarad Mulin was a legendary [[Proseweaver|proseweaver]] who lived in [[Coracan]] around five hundred years ago.
'''Casarad Mulin''' was a legendary [[Proseweaver|proseweaver]] who lived in [[Coracan]] around five hundred years ago.
==Early life==
==Early life==

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Blessed Prophet
Casarad Mulin
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Born 36 Serul 3811
Disappeared 36 Arum 4006 (195 years)
Residence Yurnasmneteytaakadel (Yurnasmne's Tree) (3811-3836)

Sipigrangor (3842-3855)

Nokola'I (3855-4006)
Nationality Cassavellian
Citizenship Cassavellian
Occupation Herbochemist, Proseweaver
Years active 3820-4000
Era Fourth millennium Iron Era
Organization Royal Chemistry Society (3842-3855)
Known for Defeating Mrotdal
Home town Yurnasmneteytaakadel
Species Human
Spouse(s) Unknown (~3838 - ~3880)
Children 1
Relatives Daora Meredok - 18x greatgrandaughter by continuous matrilineal descent.

Casarad Mulin was a legendary proseweaver who lived in Coracan around five hundred years ago.

Early life

Casarad Mulin was born in western Cassavel, on 38 Serul 3811/5. She was an avid herbochemist, becoming involved in her local herbochemical guild at a young age.

Marriage and Family

Sometime between 3836 and 3842, Mulin met and married her husband. They had one child together. However, she would have a large clan of grandchildren.

Personal dreamworld

Main article: Cathedral

In the early 3850s, Mulin created her personal dreamworld: Cathedral. She spent several years building it according to her rationalist, scientific and mathematical principles. As such, the lush gardens have a grid network of paths.

After she left Cassavel in 3855, she left Cathedral to her eldest daughter. Since then, the dreamworld has been built on, expanded and extensively used. The inheritance follows enatic primogeniture, meaning that the eldest daughter inherits it.

Cathedral was once used as a dreamwalking school, but that institution fizzled out in the middle of the 4100s, when it ran out of students.


Mulin's expertise in plants led to her to experiment with inducing dreamwalking. Over several years, she became a skilled dreamwalker. She built up relations with many spirit beings and elected representatives in the Metaparliament. Mulin wanted to start a scientific dreamwalking revolution across Coracan, making knowledge of dreamwalking and spirit beings and Ischerite common and well-studied.

Campaign against Mrotdal

Beginning in 3836, Mrotdal began making moves towards a return. Over the course of six years, Mulin organised a then-chaotic Metaparliament against him, eventually leading to his ultimate defeat in 3842.

During this period, she became pregnant and had a small child.


After this campaign, Mulin was given a position in the newly-founded and highly-prestigious Royal Chemistry Society (of Cassavel). She worked to bring about a dreamwalking revolution, but after Mrotdal's defeat, her influence greatly waned. Although Mulin's was initially hopeful that the revolution would come about, she was soon disappointed. The knowledge she wanted to be common had become common, but was being mythologised and not treated like science. She predicted that this would mean that the knowledge would slowly decay over time and would eventually be of very little use.

Mulin spent thirteen years in Sipigrangor as a high-ranking member of the Royal Chemistry Society until 3855.

Nokola'I years

In 3855, Mulin abruptly resigned from her prestigious job and sailed to the Nokola'I, where her husband's family are believed to have come from. There is little to no evidence for her leaving the archipelago until the year 4000, 145 years later.

Parts of the Nokola'I had high levels of dangerous Id and she became hardened over many decades fighting against them.

Henry Every's incursion

In 4000, the Earth pirate Henry Avery invaded Coracan. She faced him as one last challenge, although with limited support in the Metaparliament and after many of her friends and allies and died.

Final disappearance

In 4006, Casarad Mulin is known to have been living in the Nokola'I again. This is the last known record of her being alive.


Reportedly, she aged normally (or at a slightly reduced rate) up until 60. For the rest of her life, she is thought to have aged very little, if at all.

It is not known why Mulin was able to live in excess of 195 years. One hypothesis is that her herbochemical expertise allowed her to unlock some substance that could extend her lifespan. Alternatively she could have discovered a more fantastical method of life extension or she could simply have been incredibly lucky.


Casarad Mulin has been highly mythologised, although she was a real person. She wanted to bring about a scientific dreamwalking revolution, but the knowledge she brought to the fore became myth and legend.

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