Aurelia Garland

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Aurelia Garland
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Born 2060s, Earth
Era Late 21st century
Organization SomniLabs
Known for Being a re-creation of the one chosen to stop Vernietigen
Species Human
Traits imported from Amie Garland, Ahona peoples
Abilities Can create dream tunnels at will

Aurelia Garland is a young woman born in the 2060s on planet Earth. She was cloned from Amie Garland’s memories in an attempt to recreate the chosen one to stop Vernietigen.


In the 2060s, rumors of Vernietigen’s return circled about alongside seemingly random disappearances of skilled dreamwalkers for extended periods of time. The Earth Division of SomniLabs wished to take preemptive action as they knew that Vernietigen attacking a second time would mean a disaster the world was unprepared for. With the advances in dreamwalking technology, a solution was formed that could potentially cross moral boundaries, but it was supposedly done out of complete necessity. New technologies emerged in genetics and memory transfer, allowing the creation of new humans with their own set of memories.

During Charlotte Beaumont’s research to create the Dreamwalking Thesis, she was ordered to secretly download the memories of Amie Garland onto a computer system without Amie’s knowledge. These were to be archived as a means of recreating the chosen one that could defeat Vernietigen in the event of a disaster.

SomniLabs would begin their experiment to genetically create a human intended to be the most powerful dreamwalker on Earth. Using Amie’s memories as a base while infusing the intelligence of the Ahona family, a new person was born. Appearancewise, she looked similar to Amie Garland. Her memories did not carry over, but she demonstrated the same qualities Amie had when she had the power to defeat Vernietigen. She was named Aurelia, and was raised by actors that played her family. Aurelia was told by SomniLab scientists that she was the great-granddaughter of Amie Garland, the Saviour of Man and had a destiny to stop Vernietigen once more.

SomniLabs had laid out Aurelia’s life entirely from the school she would go to the sort of career she would get after. The intent was to turn Aurelia into the perfect person, to become the new Savior of Man to defend Earth from Vernietigen. She started off very upbeat and positive, but the level of expectations continued to soar as her training to use her special powers intensified. One of her chief skills was the ability to create dream tunnels on the fly, allowing one to warp between two points instantaneously.

When Aurelia started to realize inconsistencies in her family tree as well as past events, she began to question her own identities. When she came upon the fact that she was not actually related to Amie Garland and just had false memories, she snapped. Aurelia did everything she could to reject her destiny, breaking free of SomniLabs’ control and going into hiding.

However, with the inevitable return of Vernietigen, it seemed that Aurelia would have no choice but to face her destiny.