Zuinig system

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Zuinig system
Spectral type O
Age 600 million years
Size 90 solar masses
Surface temperature 54,000 K
Diameter 90 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 0
Moons 0
Cluster Line of Demarcation
Galactic Arm Inner Far South Arm
Polities Karalian Empire

Zuinig is the nearest star to the Gimheldt system about twenty light-years away. It is among one of the hottest known stars, with a surface temperature of 54,000 K, and it is more than 8,700,000 times more luminous than a standard class G star. As a result, from the sky of any planet in the Gimheldt system, Zuinig is the brightest star in the sky.

Zuinig is a Class O star - no more than 20,000 exist in the entire Crucible Galaxy. The site of such a star is exceptionally rare as a result and is considered an astrographical landmark within the Line of Demarcation between Karalian Empire and UESS space.

After some additional diplomatic measures and the purchasing of the Yanyarigan system by the UESS, Zuinig is now under complete control by the Karalian Empire.

Planets and features

Other than the fact that Zuinig is a Class O star, there are hardly any other points of interest in the Zuinig system. The star has no planets in orbit, but it does have a narrow ring of asteroids around it, a natural leftover from Zuinig's time as a protostar.

Asteroid Z21

Asteroid Z21 is the largest planetoid in the system. Enough materials were mined from the rest of the asteroid band to power a communications checkpoint part of the Universal Positioning System, which contains several comm buoys that use Asteroid Z21 as a gravitational anchor.

Stations, static warships and artificial structures

The Galactic Senate has considered building a ringworld around Zuinig, but progress for funding such a development has been slow due to its expenses.