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The Ziphyo were a race of sapient, aquatic creatures usually only found off the east coast of Eidyn, to as far as Amenthia.


Ziphyo usually stood 5 and a half feet tall (168 cm). They were vaguely humanoid. Ziphyo had smooth faces with no nose and very small, black, unnoticeable eyes, often being mistaken for completely eyeless. They a sack-like extension at the back of their head where they stored nutrients. Their mouths were full of sharp, carnivorous teeth suited for their predatory lifestyle.

They had a 1.2 meter long tail which they use to maneuver in the water, with membranes located between their fingers and toes to be able to swim faster. Ziphyo had grey skin, with orange bands used for aposematism (warning colors) to ward of predators.


The Ziphyo had a chant-like language which they could only perform underwater, once above water it would sound like shrieks from a dying animal left alone by its pack.