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Star Sarkanna
Type Garden planet
Satellites None
Gravity 0.7 G
Orbital distance Unknown
Day length Unknown
Year length Unknown
Diameter 6,832 km
Axial tilt 26.1°
Average Unknown
Minimum Unknown
Maximum Unknown
Composition Unknown
Surface pressure Unknown
Population Unknown
Imports Unknown
Exports Unknown

Zema is the first planet of the Sarkanna. It was once home to the ancient civilization, the Iztur. About 6 million years ago, a rogue comet collided with Zema's moon, destroying it and turning it into a ring system. This messed up the planet's gravitational tides, but it has long since recovered.


Today, Zema's atmosphere is thick with oxygen resulting in massive overgrowth, but also deadly wildfires. Four billion years ago, Zema had a far more arid and dry climate as there was far less ocean cover than there is today. Zema's modern atmosphere is thick, clammy and humid with a near constant temperature of 70 F.


Four billion years ago, Zema only had 5% ocean, a thin atmosphere and a landscape of most desert. The planet was a former ecumenopolis covered massive stone towers that stood over two miles high. With the shifting continents and erosion, no trace of this great civilization has ever been found except for orbital debris along with data records found on Novarckas.

As Zema accumalated a greenhouse effect over time, this great desert eventually transformed into a verdant world with the native flora swallowing up entire continents.


The most predominant plant life forms are vines that grow three meters per day as well as gigantic land coral. The low gravity and thick atmosphere allows for massive flying creatures and highly agile native fauna.