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The Zalakrasa Society is a large-scale environmental organization that operates within the territory of the Confederacy of Greenwater. They are long time rivals with Rusit Industries due to their differing ideologies.


Just like the other corporations of the confederacy, the Zalakrasa Society uses the president as a figurehead while other chairman make most of the political decisions.

The organization also has its own military division which actively engages in the practice of eco-terrorism. It is not uncommon for them to actively target establishments of Rusit Industries which are supposedly in violation of environmental regulations.


The Zalakrasa Society rose to dominance in the Confederacy of Greenwater after the end of the War Between Vaikan States. The most immediate problem they had to overcome was to deal with the overpopulation of Krar'Yallvus as well as the declining sanitation of the city. As many civilians evacuated underground when the Overworld was depressurized during the war, many of the pollutant-filtering machines ceased to work, resulting in a smog filled atmosphere, even indoors. To combat this, the Zalakrasa Society employed programs to help reduce pollutants.

Introduced laws

  • The Zalakrasa Society created a series of programs to terraform Krar over the course of three decades. The atmosphere would become breathable for Vaikan.
  • The reactors that once powered the city were shut down due to them being considered environmentally unfriendly. This led to a boost in the slave trade of Vaikan as electric power became the main alternative.
  • Much of the original city of Krar'Yallvus was to be demolished. This has become the most controversial decision, and other activists groups began to protest against this decision, given the historical significance of the city.
  • Tighter control over the distribution of imported goods.