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Native name Urnasam (Proto)
Born 23 May 786 H
Died 27 Arum 901 H (115)
Nationality Cassavellian
Era Early Heroic Era
Species Human

Yurnasmne (ʝuʀnäsmnɘ Proto: Urnasam) was a Cassavellian dreamwalker woman who lived in the very early Heroic Era of Coracan. This was a cold, harsh time, but humans were rapidly expanding their range over the planet, coming into conflict with dragons.

Yurnasmne's tree and Yurnasmneteytaakadel

In 802 H, when Yurnasmne was only 16, war broke out between the emerging civilisations of humans and the established dominions of dragons. Yurnasmne worked tirelessly to broker a peace. After seventeen years, she finally achieved this and planted a purple tree as a witness-marker. A small town would later grow up around the tree and call itself Yurnasmneteytaakadel, meaning 'Yurnasmne's Tree'.


While remembered in dreamwalking circles as a crucial early figure in Coracan's history, the destruction of memory caused by the Sagambel as well as the passage of thirty thousand years has ensured that she remains a historical footnote or supposed mythological figure.