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The Wolf is a type of Id that exists in Lupus Mundi. They take the form of primal human fears, notably the wolf. While they terrify children, they do not seek to prevent their return home, consume them,
Human fear of wolves goes a long way back, as shown by this cave drawing
or otherwise harm them. They are also largely unable to scare children older than 10-ish.

However, they are able to adapt to instil fear in teenagers and young adults (and, in the right circumstances, older adults) facing exams or another upcoming event they are afraid of going badly. This, however, requires the Id to be more creative and is usually less effective at creating fear. These Id could even be said to have a symbiotic relationship with humans since prehistorically, they have helped humans to practice evading wild beasts. In return, the increased human population means more sustenance for the Id. Lupus Mundi Id rarely exist in Averlam or Shachor, because they are weaker than most Id as they originate from less complex childhood emotions. Also, they rarely are temporarily vanquished, because they face few serious hazards.