Wind Caves

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The Wind Caves are a series of underground tunnels that are responsible for the direction and speed of the wind.

As the large entrances constantly vent out powerful winds capable of creating storms, to enter the caves, one must be heavy enough to withstand the winds or use magic to direct the wind in another direction.


The deepest part of the Wind Caves connect directly to Eidyn's core, a valuable source of enaren ekati. It is here where one can mine from it, although it is dangerous. Should the core become unstable, the Arbiters would be unleashed.

Most of the Wind Caves are too small for a normal-sized being to enter. The larger entrances are capable of channeling massive windstorms. Entrances are found all over Eidyn, though the larger entrances are much more difficult to find - they are in secluded mountain ranges and even at the bottom of bodies of water. Even if one were to approach the entrance, they would be blown back out without special means to resist the wind.

Known entrances

Tunneling by dwarves has unearthed some entrances to the Wind Caves.

  • Origin Mountain - At the lowest area of Center of the World, an entrance to the Wind Caves is present. Leirian soldiers are on constant guard.