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Born Time Immemorial
Current Incarnations Doc Wayfarer
Wayfarer Ticasuk
Wayfarer Teak
Wayfarer Jones
Wayfarer Ven (b.2010)
Wayfarer Inala (b.1999)
Lusderra Wayfarer
Past Incarnations Wayfarer Sam
Wayfarer Anyu
Wayfarers Treyu and Koeka
Wayfarer Yee Kun

The Wayfarer is a primordial spirit and an adventurer and explorer, who has spent countless lifetimes exploring the dream worlds. So impatient are they to make new discoveries that they'll spread out across multiple bodies at once to do so. Generally, when the Wayfarer is born into a new body, the new incarnation isn't fully aware of their previous or concurrent lives at first, but they'll experience dreams of past adventures and a gnawing sense of wanderlust as they grow older. Eventually, the new incarnation may be able to telepathically communicate with other incarnations and remember events that occurred in their other lives.

The Wayfarer tries to be a good person, usually. They have their off days, or, well, lifetimes. They can be greedy and egocentric at times, but they also have moments of great heroism. They can never sit still as long as there's something new to see or do. They're quite clever - perks of having thousands of lifetimes of knowledge and experience to draw from - but always eager to learn more. Staves off the boredom of eternity.

Current Incarnations

Doc Wayfarer

A dromaeosaurid scientist from a remote dream world ruled by dinosaurs. He travels between universes in a world-hopping machine, meeting new people and fighting evil. He's the most traditionally heroic of the living incarnations. Unfortunately, he's also prone to temper and feelings of entitlement, believing himself to be above the people he fights and frequently losing his cool over perceived injustices. Doc's an inveterate tinkerer, always building new devices and improving upon the old ones. He spends much of his time learning, with his particular area of interest being ancient cultures. Though he does have a real name, none of the other Wayfarers can pronounce it, so he just goes by "Doc".

Wayfarer Ticasuk

A nomad from a distant frozen world. At present, she doesn't know about the other incarnations, but she is haunted by recurring dreams of other lives and the voices of people she's never met. She's a curious soul in search of the big answers about herself and the universe, a dangerous venture in a world where simply staying alive is a constant struggle. Sometimes, she wishes she could stop searching and letting herself be dragged to the deathly extremes of the world, but the voices compel her to keep searching.

Wayfarer Teak

A Libertalian pirate. A roguish figure, no plunderer or murderer, but certainly a swindler and con man. Just can't resist pulling the wool over people's eyes, especially less morally exemplary sorts. When he's not cheating or swindling, or even when he is, he's always exploring. To him, there's nothing like stumbling upon a new world, especially if there's treasure to be found there. Possibly has a bit of a gambling problem, including gambling his life and the lives of his crew. His heart is occasionally in the right place, especially when it comes to Wayfarer Ven (he loves her not like a daughter, but like a niece, for whom he gets to be the cool uncle that always spoils her). He's not a bad guy, his moral compass just isn't as strong as, say, Doc's is.

Wayfarer Jones

An elderly billionaire semi-retired from a lifetime of adventure. In his day, he was a universe-trotting adventurer who made a fortune recovering lost treasures. He made a point never to keep them, always returning his finds to their rightful owners when the rightful owners still lived, or if they didn't donating them to a museum. That being said, he was paid handsomely for his efforts and is now a very wealthy man. He's been trying to retire and settle down, enjoy the fruits of his labour, rest his old bones and all that, but he just can't stay still. Especially after Wayfarer Ven comes into his life.

Wayfarer Ven

An adventurous girl and the youngest living incarnation of the Wayfarer. She's only just started to learn who she is, and has spotty memories from lifetimes of adventure she's still working on properly manifesting. She's eager to swing right into being the Wayfarer, but at 9 years old she's not exactly ready. Jones takes her under his wing, teaching her everything she needs to know about her past and how to be an adventurer, and she returns the favour by dragging him into adventures to make his life far more complicated and exciting. She still doesn't know everything about her other lives - she has an idealized view of what being the Wayfarer is like, but sooner or later she's going to stumble onto some less pleasant memories, darker chapters.

Wayfarer Inala

Main article: Inala Kuri

Wayfarer Inala is a young adult from Atzlan, who is just starting to explore the Gyrus.

Lusderra Wayfarer

The spirit of the wayfarer rarely reaches inside of the 'dark cluster', though on occasions like this it has done so. Being born and abandoned inside of the continental Dreambleeds, this Wayfarer Without Name only survived due to the prior knowledge they have inside themselves. Surviving in these harsh environments and co-existing with towering nightmare beasts takes a lot of work, but despite that the Wayfarer has made a place to call home - those who get lost inside the dreambleeds are lucky to find her and her tribe...

Past Incarnations

Colour Meaning
Origin Name Birth date (BCE/CE) Death date (BCE/CE) Age
Coracan Anyu 1927 1956 29 (4227-4256)
Atzlan Inala 1999 Living 21
Earth Sam 1930s 1960s 27
Earth Ven 2010 Living 10
Earth Jones Living
Doc Living
Ticasuk Living
Libertalia Teak Living
Lusderra Unknown Living
Coracan Treyu .944 BCE .843 BCE 101 (1356-1457)
Coracan Koeka .944 BCE .843 BCE 101 (1356-1457)
Coracan Yee Kun 1799 1895 96 (4099-4195)

Wayfarer Anyu

Anyu was born during a tumultuous period on Coracan and got caught up in the Panthalassa War as a young adult. As the last-known incarnation of the Wayfarer to be born in the Primanna cluster he was deprived of the traditional protection and guidance of Coracan's monastic orders. He tried his hardest to help people during the desperate situation in the war and ended up dying because of it at a young age.

Wayfarer Samantha

A girl from Ahona who spent her life cruising the Earth and other worlds and trying to make them all better places. Often called by Sam, she didn't find out her true nature until a fateful road trip with her cousin Gabriela. Sam spent much of her life on the road. She was a travelling musician, who loved to see new things and struggled to find a home anywhere. Her wanderlust eventually created a distance between her and her family, a distance that both her and Gabriela (the future Yuun Ahona) would come to regret. She died of old age before Ven was born, but as a Wayfarer, she lives on in the memories of her subsequent lives.

Wayfarers Treyu and Koeka

Not only were Treyu and Koeka incarnations of the same soul and Wayfarer spirit born nearly three thousand years ago, they were also identical twins, so their connection was especially close.

As was custom at the time, the twins were identified early. They were protected by a Sanoki pagan monastic order in their childhood. When they were old enough, they started a journey around Coracan to connect to the memories and abilities of their many past lives. Then, they started exploring the dreamworlds. However, they'd come back to their home planet occasionally.

Due to their polytheist upbringing, they became experts at resolving conflicts between humans and their gods/spirits. It was on one of these trips home that they resolved a conflict between Coracan's mayakut and humanity that threatened to damage the Primanna, causing great loss of life. Despite humanity wanting blood, they used their diplomatic skills to negotiate peace.

It was for this that they would become revered on Coracan. According to legend, at the age of 101, when they were very old and slow and tired of a lifetime of adventuring, they willed their own lives away.

It is for this set of twins that the Coracan constellation Uros is named.

Wayfarer Yee Kun

Wayfarer Yee Kun was born in 4099 in the Nokola'I, into the nontheistic Dayutra religious tradition. She is the last Coracan-born incarnation of the Wayfarer to achieve any sort of widespread recognition.

She was also the last to receive any assistance from monastic orders or to be formally identified as an incarnation of the Wayfarer. By this time, the traditions surrounding the Wayfarer were weakening in the midst of great change.

She struggled to adapt as an openly spiritual entity in an increasingly mechanical world and was distraught at the rise of ever more efficient means of killing.

Today, she is revered among Dayutras, but virtually unknown by others.