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The Wanderers are a race of self replicating robots native to the galactic core.


Long ago amidst a violent catastrophe, the last survivor of a long forgotten race was not content to sit idly and await death. Using the advanced technology present on his ship, it kept itself alive, albeit in a decrepit and crippled state. In a couple centuries it had viewed all the media of its civilization, and found itself extremely bored. It tried to comprehend the emissions of distant civilizations, but found them incomprehensible and alien. It needed to feel something new, so it created the wanderers.



These are wanderers who have continued the prime directive of searching for life by scouting different star systems.


These wanderers have decided to search for life in a far different manner than their loyalist brethren. The main tenet of their ideology posits that based on the amount of objects on a given planet, one of them must have consciousness. Many planets around the galactic core are populated by small groups of these wanderers and so far they have not discovered consciousness, although it is what they cling to in life, and they will not stop until they've talked to every rock on their respective planet.


Early on in wanderer history, many individuals gave up on finding life, and so they settled down on different rogue planets surrounding the galactic core. They quickly became depressed, having nothing to stimulate them mentally. During their long trips through the cosmos they slept and dreamt, and so these wanderers entertained themselves by sharing their long dreams of before them settling down. This only lasted so long, and so they decided to sleep again to see what they dreamt of. Through this they entertain themselves as astronauts of the subconscious.


These wanderers have a similar story to the dreamers, except instead of succumbing to dreaming, they set themselves the lofty goal of learning everything there is to know. As of now they are mining planets in order to build a massive telescope capable of peering into the farthest reaches of the universe.


These wanderers plunged themselves into the supermassive black hole at the century of the galaxy. Their fate is unknown.


These wanderers forgoed individuality in order to become more efficient. Each of these individuals functions as a single node as part of a massive quantum entangled consciousness.


These wanderers came to the belief that their boredom came from the fact that their life was too easy, so they engineered mechanical plants and animals in an attempt to create a balanced ecosystem. They then reprogrammed themselves with the urge to eat, and activated a mechanism which would cause deactivation if they did not consume enough in a given time frame. They then wiped their memory of technology, and began from scratch. They are currently in the stone age.