Verity Samratava

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Verity Samratava
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Born 31 Charu 4302 (17)
Nationality Daranese
Citizenship Daranese
Home town Darana
Species Human

Verity Samratava is a student at Old Kessal High School, the same place that Daora Meredok attends. She has a modest reputation for being 'kooky' and weird. Verity appears to have infinite patience and has never been known to lash out in anger at anybody. What other people think of her has very little impact on what she does, sometimes to her academic detriment.

She leans heavily into the humanities, yet struggles with numbers and mathematics. She is currently taking Pan, history, biology, general mathematics (the minimum amount of maths), psychology and literature.

Verity adores books and reading and these stories form much of the inspiration behind her design choices for the creation of her own dreamworld.

Verity comes from a Dayutra background. She also comes from a family that has more dreamwalking knowledge than most. However, unlike Daora's ancestors, pursue this in a very different way. While Daora's ancestors inherited Casarad Mulin's rationalist principles when it came to dreamwalking and building dreamworlds, Verity's family follow an almost opposite set of principles.

While Gidun Yat built a spirit robot, Verity's own father built her a spirit dog. Verity's own dreamworld was grown in a very organic fashion, unlike how the dreamworld that is now Daora's is built along a grid pattern.

Verity appears to have few friends, yet is apparently immune to loneliness.

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