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Varden is a region of Eidyn. It is bordered by Central Eidyn, Oceanfell and Gierkliff. A region with strange foliage and even stranger ground formations, Varden has often been described as a land of untold mystery. Due to the use of the region's Aard'Vorn by the Union of Climche and Folium, the land has become twisted and alien.


The region mostly consists of thick jungle and strange stone formations that occasionally break the treeline. The jungle is filled with small ruins made by some unknown civilization, though it is thought they were after the Moroitos. The only other remarkable feature of the region is the large lake that the Union of Climche and Folium are located. This lake and all the land near it is infested with huge, carnivorous plants. Whats worse is that these plants are spreading, and soon they will probably cover the whole region.

The northern border of Varden is the Tepezi Desert formed by a rainshadow of several nearby mountains. It is the driest area of Varden. It is here where a tribe of Atl known as the Ko'atl live.

Points of Interest

Tepezi Desert

Main article: Tepezi Desert

A dry region of Varden and Gierkliff inhabited by the Ko'atl. The most prominent landmark here is Tletl Tepetl, an ancient volcano that hosts an Aard'Vorn known as the Eternal Flame. The Ko'atl fiercely guard it from outsiders.


  • Dread Boar: A giant wild boar which will prey upon smaller creatures.
  • Swarmling: A swarming moth like creature that will destroy whole farmlands in a single day.
  • Buzz worm: A huge predatory worm with 3 mouth pieces that it rotates like a razor causing a buzzing sound.