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Omniverse Nexus (ON), often referred to as simply the Nexus, is a collaborative worldbuilding and creative writing project. On Omniverse Nexus, writers of any skill level can work together to build a shared multiverse filled with characters, lands, planets and stories.

Originally founded by a quintet of Spore fans, Omniverse Nexus branched out into a variety of genres ranging from hard science fiction to fantasy, and now has more than a dozen authors from around the world.


The original ideas that would eventually become part of the Omniverse Nexus were cultivated on the Spore Fan Fiction Wiki hosted by the Wikia network. When the massive interstellar empires of their design grew beyond the scope of the game, Krayfishkarl and SupcommMonroee, along with colleagues Nra 'Vadumee, Panthean and IceBite, decided to transfer these creations to a new site. As a result, Omniverse: Galactic Conquest Wiki (or GC for short) was founded on 14 March 2012.

After its 200th article was created, GC was featured on Wikia Spotlight, attracting a plethora of new users, and growth of the database accelerated.

Problems began to arise in the latter half of 2012 when users began to favour more scientifically grounded explanations for concepts and phenomena. In September, discussion on the Wiki Forums began on the establishment of a sister site, leading to the creation of Omniverse: Erudite Chronicles Wiki on 30 September, with Nra 'Vadumee at the helm. It was renamed two days later, becoming Erudite Tales Wiki. On 5 April, Omniverse: Galactic Conquest was similarly renamed to Galactic Crucibles.

On 10 May 2013, ideas for a second sister project began to surface when TheTimMan proposed the creation of a site revolving around historical fiction and alternative history. These came to fruition on 14 May, when Infinite Histories Wiki was founded.

After months of discussion and debate, it was decided in 2015 that the Nexus community had outgrown Wikia, as by that time it had shifted its focus to fandoms. To facilitate complete control over the creations on the Nexus sites, the three Wikis were merged under a new, unified Omniverse Nexus network. At first, Wordpress was used to host the site, but in May 2016 MediaWiki was adopted and thus Omniverse Nexus evolved into its current form.


Omniverse Nexus is currently comprised of four distinct settings: Galactic Crucibles, Erudite Tales, Infinite Histories and Dreamwalkers, which correspond with the genres of science fiction, high fantasy, alternative history and surreal fantasy respectively.

Within these settings, users can create anything from tools to entire empires, provided that they first pitch their ideas to the wider community.


Below is Omniverse Nexus' complete active staff team.

Username Real name Signature Role(s)
Kingliman Loremaster of Erudite Tales
Loremaster of Dreamwalkers
Majoras Revenge!!! Loremaster of Erudite Tales
Robbo Loremaster of Infinite Histories
Username Real name Signature Role(s)
Krayfishkarl Karl Krayfishkarl (talk) Owner
Chief Executive Officer
Loremaster of Galactic Crucibles
Loremaster of Dreamwalkers
SupcommMonroee Loremaster of Galactic Crucibles
TheTimMan Tim TheTimMan (talk) Head of Graphics and Template Maintenance
Loremaster of Infinite Histories

Retired staff

Legacy admins
Username Project/s
IceBite Erudite Tales
Galactic Crucibles
Nra 'Vadumee Galactic Crucibles
Erudite Tales
Panthean Galactic Crucibles