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You know I read the other day, there are people today who’re old enough to vote and can’t remember a world before dreamwalking? Imagine that – fully-grown, adult people, and to them things have always been like this! They don’t remember 1999, might not have even been born when the so-called Apocalypse happened, and everything that’s happened since then is just normal to them! God, it makes me feel old. Well, I sure as hell remember 1999. Ask anyone who was more than two years old at the time, they can tell you. I remember how the world flipped upside-down, and suddenly fantasy turned out not to be so fantastical, dreams turned out not to be so imaginary, and myths turned out to be a whole lot more real than we’d ever thought.
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  • ... that there's evidence to suggest that all life on Earth came from Mars?
  • ... that many parts of Alice in Wonderland lampoon logical fallacies and higher level mathematics?
  • ... that evidence of the earliest anatomically modern humans dates back to about 200,000 years ago, with behavioural modernity being reached about 50,000 years ago?

  • A character's limitations are often more interesting than their abilities.
  • "Highly advanced" means different things relative to other civilizations.
  • The events of a good story might not always be possible, but it should definitely be probable.
  • A bad story is just a good story that hasn't been sufficiently edited yet.