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Kingdom of Lypania
Capital Howlbourg
Official languages Lypanian
Religions Faith of the Twin Dragons
Demonym Lypanian
Government Parliamentary constitutional diarchy
• Light King
Cedric Crogan
• Shadow Queen
Ardenia Athena
Legislature Royal Diet
• First War
~50,000 BGW
• First Kingdom
~50,000 BGW
• Great War
1–10 AGW
• Foundation of Lypania
10 AGW
• Nightfall War
5000 AGW
• Great Restoration
5012 AGW
Currency Gold, bronze and copper coins

The Kingdom of Lypania is country whose jurisdiction extends to the entirety of the Lypanian archipelago. It is surrounded by the Hydronian Ocean, and is comprised of three main islands, as well as a large number of smaller islands and isles. Lypania since 5012 AGW has been led by two equal hereditary corulers, who style themselves the Light and Shadow Kings/Queens.

Lypania's early history is shrouded in myth and legend. It is said to begin more than fifty thousand years ago, when the legendary First War was fought between Wolves and the Void Dwellers, corrupted creations of the Void — the primal space in which the world exists. After the end of the War and the sealing of the Dwellers deep within the remains of the Void, the First Kingdom emerged after the two Gods each appointed one Wolf to act as their servants and representatives. The First Kingdom persisted for fifty millennia until an unclear series of incidents resulting in the deaths of both the incumbent Light and Shadow Kings led to the Great War between the two Great Houses. In this war, the House of Girian — the dynasty that occupied the Light Kingship — triumphed, and the opposing House of Erybis was exiled from the land. The new Light King, Aelric Solaris, founded the monarchical Kingdom of Lypania in place of the collapsed First Kingdom.

In 5000 AGW, the sole remaining member of a declining House of Erybis, Aurigon Auctorus, returned to Lypania and, having unknowingly acquired the powers and fallen under the influence of Void, waged the Nightfall War against the existing Lypanian government, overthrowing then-King Toderic Cordius and seizing the throne for himself. However, twelve years later, Toderic's son, Cedric Crogan, with the support of major sects of Lypanian society and of Aurigon's own daughter, Ardenia Athena, led the Great Restoration, toppling Aurigon and restoring the ancient diarchy, making Ardenia the new Shadow Queen, while he became the Light King.

Lypania divides itself into six provinces centred around each of the Great Trials, tests created by the Gods for heirs to prove their worthiness of the throne. This is to the exclusion of the capital and largest city, Howlbourg, which stands on an island in the centre of the archipelago, joined to the mainlands only by two bridges on either side of the city.