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Well Met

I am Pschycron (and for those of you wondering, right off the bat, yes, my name is spelt that way on purpose). I am among the relatively older members of the Nexus, but have for a long time neglected the community.

No more.

With my return after a long absence, I bring with me a host of newly honed skills. I am, at the time of writing, studying art and literature, and as such, have a decent number of talents to offer. While I am not a massively proficient content creator, I do have a host of expertise in several disparate fields, ranging from etymology to biology, architectural engineering to website development, and pop-cultural evaluation to overly friendly-yet-overly-elaborate ribbing.

To my own detriment, I will admit to a fair degree of slacking in the past, but it is a habit I intent to bash into the ground. With that, I welcome you to my user page, wherein I will be posting trivia, creations and I dunno, a few cat memes, maybe.

en singular forte, en populous indominus