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Upata Commune
Setting: Dreamwalkers
Demonym Upatan
Government Authoritarian
• Executor
Adaru Tojo
• Foundation
35 Kadel 4186
• Move into the Oort
 • Estimate >100,000
Currency None
Date format dd/mm/yyyy

The inhabitants of the Upata commune, though human, are subject to extreme memetic engineering to create a harmonious society

By all appearances, the people are happy. But their happiness is artificial. Their very consciousness is puppeted. Their personalities and memories are mixed and matched from a box set, each combination created for a specific purpose.

People have become automatons. Living, feeling, automatons, but automatons nonetheless. Every choice is controlled, every emotion regulated and every dream manufactured


Unlike many things in the Primanna, Upata is relatively new.

It was founded late in the 42nd century Fa, by a group of eupatriot dreamwalkers trying to create their ideal society in practice.

It grew during the Panthalassa War and, afterwards, its numbers were bolstered by those seeking an escape from justice.

While on Coracan, eupatriots were disenfranchised, imprisoned or executed, Upata became a safe haven for the extremists. Fearing that the newly-formed CSMT would come to destroy them, they migrated deep into the Oort. Over the decades since the Panthalassa War, Upata has served as a base of operations for eupatriot dreamwalkers and has helped to encourage terrorism and political movements into the present.

Immediately after their founding, CSMT was ordered that their priority was to stabilise Coracan, rather than hunting down eupatriots out in the dreamworlds. As a result, the eupatriots had plenty of time to hide Upata in the vast expanse of the Oort.

Despite decades of searching since, Upata remains hidden.

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