United Kyekna Monarchies Defense Force

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The United Kyekna Monarchies Defense Force is the official organization under which fall all military branches of the United Kyekna Monarchies, specifically the army, airforce, navy, Space Armada, Probe & Satellite Agency, and Missile Force. In general, the UKMDF is used defensively, and it's armory compliments this, with most of it's vehicles and ships being large, heavily armored, heavily armed behemoths not built for cost effectiveness, maneuverability, or rapid deployment en masse.

Lightship Armada


  • Wasp Fighter:

Suitable for combat both in space and within the atmosphere of a planet, the Wasp Fighter has a large tail-like armament tipped with a drill, with a hollow space for boarding crews; The Wasp Fighter latches on to a ship and drills into it's hull before releasing a boarding party, or simply flying off, leaving the interior exposed to the vacuum of space. The Wasp Fighter is equipped with three lasers (one on each wing tip and one on a rotating turret between the two on the main body of the ship) and 4 torpedoes.

Patrol craft (10m-40m)

Small vessels(40-200m)

Medium-sized vessels(200-400m)

Warships (400-1000m)

  • Sudden Death-class monitor

Though not particularly well-armored or maneuverable, the aptly-named Sudden Death-class monitor is a 200-meter vessel which has four launch bays from which massive antimatter missiles propelled by FTL engines are fired out, slamming into enemy ships at truly extreme speeds, causing massive damage.

  • Kacliktz-class cruiser

Though it is not the most powerful ship in the Space Armada, at 900 meters in length and armed with a powerful battery of both lasers and torpedo tubes, the Kacliktz-class is a force to be reckoned with, more than enough to take out any pirates encountered and capable of going toe-to-toe with most any warships within the 800-1000 meter size range or smaller. The Kacliktz-class cruiser is usually sent out in pairs.

Battleships (1-5km)

  • Technetium-class Battleship

The Technetium-class Battleship is 1.5 kilometers long and designed for offensive assaults rather than defending planets, so it is rare.

Superbattleships and Carriers (5-20km)

  • Solar-class Galleon

At 5 km, the Solar-class Galleon was originally envisioned for passively carrying inert vehicles and resources from the production centers to planets without a combat application, however it's use in battle was clear and it was later equipped with armaments and adapted to carry massive numbers of active fighters directly into combat. The Solar-class ships, despite being transport ships, are no pushovers, and are decently armed and armored.

Dreadnoughts (20-50km)

No dreadnoughts remain in service.

Ships of the Line (50-300km)

  • Hurricane Barrier-class Second-Rate Ship of the Line

The Hurricane Barrier-class Second-Rate is a giant ship built to replace the Dreadnought for world defense on the more important planets of the United Kyekna Monarchy, it is 50 kilometers in length and fights as part of a line of battle along with smaller ships such as the Kacliktz-class.

  • Chechkal-class First-Rate Ship of the Line

At 275 kilometers (275,000 meters, or 170 miles) in length, the Chechkal-class First Rate Ship of the Line is named after the starcluster which contains almost the entirety of the United Kyekna Monarchies' worlds. Armed with hundreds of thousands of weapons, the two Chechkal-class ships in existence, the UKMSV Chechkal and UKMSV Chechkal II defend Kenaklesh and the Chechkal Cluster's Stone Ring, respectively, both intended to enter combat as part of a line of battle along with a variety of lesser vessels.