Twin Hearts Nebula

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The Twin Hearts Nebula consists of two red nebulae close enough to one another to be grouped as one. It is filled with young stars early in formation and is relatively well developed with many habitable planets. There are two main clusters, Major Heart and Minor Heart.



Main article: Szon

Szon is a class F star with eleven planets, three of which are habitable on the surface. The fourth planet of Ucharpli is the homeworld of the Vaikan.


Main article: Eros

Eros is a quadruple star system about 4.5 lightyears from Szon.


Main article: Cenrodos

Cenrodos is a class G star approximately 11 lightyears away from Szon.


Main article: Ostence

Ostence is a Class M red dwarf star in Minor Heart. It is an energetic young star which regularly outputs solar flares. It also has an unusually high metallicity resulting in mineral rich planets orbiting at close distances.


Main article: Slorthan

Slorthan is a Class G star in the Minor Heart.


Main article: Raith

Raith is a star in the Minor Heart. The star has rather low metallicity and is still rather early in formation, but nonetheless evolved complex life forms.


Main article: Envin

The Envin system is a binary star system in the Minor Heart. The two planets in the system orbit Envin A, the Class F Star. The Class M Star, Envin B, orbits at the far edge of the system.


Main article: Selsent

The Selsent system is a binary system with two Class K stars.


Main article: Roszon

Roszon is a red dwarf system and a major capital area of the Karalian Empire. It was chosen for its ideal resource pool, and has since exploded in population, turning into a major capital system.


Main article: Aldenari

Aldenari is a star system in the Major Heart cluster. During the times of ancient Vaikan civilization, the star appeared directly above the north pole allowing ancient Vaikan to navigate looking only at the sky.


Main article: Dulor

Dulor is a pulsar in the Major Heart cluster. It is famous for being a prominent battleground during the Andomar Cold War.