Treyu and Koeka

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Treyu and Koeka
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Born 44 Okta 1356
Died 44 Okta 1457
Gau, Kynonfre, Coracan
Known for Resolving an almost-deadly conflict between humans and Mayakut
Species Human

Not only were Wayfarers Treyu and Koeka incarnations of the same soul and Wayfarer spirit, they were also identical twins, so their connection was especially close.

As was custom at the time, the twins were identified early. They were protected by a Sanoki pagan monastic order in their childhood. When they were old enough, they started a journey around Coracan to connect to the memories and abilities of their many past lives. Then, they started exploring the dreamworlds.

However, they'd come back to their home planet occasionally.

Due to their polytheist upbringing, they became experts at resolving conflicts between humans and their gods/spirits. It was on one of these trips home that they resolved a conflict between Coracan's Mayakut and humanity that threatened to damage the Primanna, causing great loss of life. Despite humanity wanting blood, they used their diplomatic skills to negotiate peace.

It was for this that they would become revered on Coracan.


According to legend, at the age of 101, when they were very old and slow and tired of a lifetime of adventuring, they willed their own lives away. At the time, they were living in Gau, a Sanoki holy site in what is now Kynonfre. By this same legend, they did not leave physical remains behind, but were transformed into the constellation Uros upon their simultaneous deaths.


It is for this set of twins that the Coracan constellation Uros is named.

To this day, they continue to be revered throughout Coracan and are among the most well-known Wayfarer incarnations in Coracan, though few realise that they were incarnations of the Wayfarer.


They have multiple temples built in their honour all over the planet. While all major religions remember them, Sanokism esteems them especially highly as heroes of the latter-days.

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