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Trelch is the deity of the Krizovists who now live mostly within Amicalis. Trelch is depicted as a tall, but strong and wiry being, humanoid in shape, and clad in black (or sometimes white and red) metal from head to toe, obscuring his form, and having two bull-like horns protruding from the sides of his head. Trelch is said to despise the three types of wickedness warned of by Krizovist teachings, and haunt those who carry out such acts of evil until they repent or die, while helping and rewarding those who seek the wicked out for retribution. Trelch is especially revered among executioners.

Trelch is often depicted holding a rusty old anchor wrapped in algae and seaweed up by it's chain, representing the weight placed upon the vile and sinful by their wicked ways, dragging them down and away from happiness in the afterlife, but he may also be depicted with a headsman's axe, especially in wartime art dating back to the Red Tower Slave Revolts. Trelch supposedly punishes wrongdoers in the afterlife by forcing them to live through whatever hardships they have caused others to endure through the eyes of their victims.

According to Krizovist tradition, Trelch gathered peoples in a holy land to teach them right from wrong, but they were irreverent and degenerate, and Trelch expelled some of their number and revoked his blessings upon the rest. Afterwards, Krizov was sent by Trelch to teach the descendants of the exiles morality once more, and Trelch would one day bring them home to the holy land. In modern Krizovist teaching, the holy land is interpreted to be Amicalis.