Terran Magic System

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The Terran Magic System is the primary system of Magical Manipulation used by the Human of Earth. While not the most extensive (in fact, it is widely considered simplistic), it is still a diverse and useful system of magic.

Magical Studies

The different ‘schools’ of magic are called ‘Studies’ by the Terrans, and divide Terran Spells into various classes based on manifestation and effects.


Elemental Magic consists of spells that involve manipulate elements for offense, defense, for support. The most common elements used as fire, lightning, and wind, although water, ice, and earth are also used. Elemental Magic Practitioners are called Elementalists.


Healing Magic is self-explanatory: used for healing wounds, poisons, and diseases. Healing Magic Practitioners are called Healers.


Illusion Magic is used for deception and trickery, namely by tricking any of the 5 senses. Illusion Magic Practitioners are called Illusionists.


Mystical Magic is generally considered an ‘other’ category for magic, doing magical effects that do not fall under any of the other categories. Mystical Magic Practitioners are called Mystics.


Summoning Magic, despite the name, is used for both summoning creatures to the caster’s aid AND banishing creatures other Summoners have summoned. Summoning Magic Practitioners are called Summoners.


Transmutation Magic is used for the transmutation of one thing into another, or back. This can include giving flesh the properties of another material, turning iron into gold, etc. Transmutation Magic Practitioners are called Transmuters.