Temple of Golgotha

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The Temple of Golgotha is structure located in Mobius. It was built by Xavier Martines after the gods had ravaged Mobius causing it to fall into the Realm of Darkness. The purpose of the temple is to serve as a means of attempting communication with Vernietigen during the time of the Second Rupture. He had hoped that he could reason with Vernietigen and convince him to spare humanity. However, Xavier eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to save humanity was to allow it to succumb to darkness.


The Temple of Golgotha has the appearance of a large, monochrome cathedral with many Gothic influences. A strange, greyish fog and dust fills the interiors. The layout is apparently larger on the inside which is a twisting labyrinth of optical illusions with stairs and rooms that rearrange themselves serving as a security mechanism to keep out intruders. Powerful types of Id patrol the halls in service of Xavier Martines.

In the center of the temple is chapel area which is an apparently peaceful area. Stained glass windows showing the members of the Martines family are on either side as a mysterious light shines down from each window. At the center is an altar which lit by candles. In front of that altar is a ritual circle said to be a portal of its own. When communicating with the Great Spirit or Vernietigen, the flames of these candles change color and the room starts to fill with a mysterious mist.

List of Id

Common Id

  • Fallen Angel - An Id that resembles an angel.
  • Onyx Demon - A jet-black demonic creature with large horns and wings.
  • Ghost Soldier - The restless soul of a medieval warrior.
  • Lich - An Id that is otherwise indestructible unless its phylactery is destroyed.
  • Phantom Priest - A ghostly priest that practices dark rituals.

Artificial Id