Technology in the Xeng Empire

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Technology in the Xeng Empire relies on magitek, a harmony between magic and technology. Magitek has allowed for magic itself to become accessible even to those are not trained wizards.


The famous dragon rockets are projectile weapons enchanted with the ability to home in on targets. They are often fired from cannons in defensive positions, but smaller scale versions are sometimes used for assassination.


Clocks allow citizens of the Xeng Empire to precisely keep track of time. Clockwork is often powered by either magitek or by water wheels.


The techniques to forging mithril were discovered at Crucible Mountain. They have since become the standard metal to use in the forging of weapons and armor.


To cross the vast expanses of ice, the Xeng Empire constructed a series of steam-based monorails paving the way for a transportation revolution. These monorails were developed around the same time as Polvora's railroads in the Amacata Desert, but it is unclear who invented what first. After the Volveros Revolution, trade with Eidyn significantly increased and the strange origin of the railways is likely due to poorly kept records of patents.