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A modern version of the Woschak depiction of the sun. Since the Panthalassa War, it has been altered to distance it from Eupatriot imagry.

The Sun god is considered to be the most senior and powerful of the Triarchs by a small margin.


The Sun god was formed a very long time ago by humans fascinated by the sun's lifegiving heat and light.


The Sun appears as a dense ball of light and its exact form is unclear.

Behaviour and Powers

The Sun has the least contact with humans of the three Triarchs and spends most of its time in the Metaparliament. They also have little contact with other metabeings besides the Kalengnam and Paragon. As a result, the full extent of the Sun's powers are unknown.

Role in the Parliament of the Gods

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The Sun, as one of the Triarchs, arbitrates the most important decisions to come before the parliament. He usually acts as the tiebreaker if the Kalengnam and Paragon disagree.