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No Normal
Written 23 May 2020
Timeframe 3 Apar 4320
Wordcount 247
Location Coracan, Primanna
Also posted at Chromographia

Nothing can go just 'go back to 'normal ', not after this. Some things will be changed forever. No one will ignore the spirits or their dreamings again. Not after 43/7. There's been too much hurt.
What's that? Shit. It hasn't happened for you yet. Well. Uh. Sorry in advance.
But there's not much I can do for you. Odd little blip, this? A little time displacement.
Wow is that not good. Reality cracked a bit. Time isn't supposed to work like this, so this 'thing' should tie itself off in just a moment.But like shiiiit is this bad. I shouldn't be able to talk to you right now. You might even be-
Or maybe a memory? I'm not exactly sure what you are. Uh...I don't know what's happened to you. I don't know you. But you-
When are you? Tell me the date, please.
Oh. Okay. You've got a bit of time. Just under four months. Spend them wisely. I never asked you if you think spirits or dreamwalking are real things yet. They're real. It's all real. And some of it wants to-
Augh. I'm not spelling this out for you. Every assumption you've held about the world is about to be challenged or shattered. Prepare yourself, whoever you are. You will need to-

Ah. Looks like this blip is tapering off. I'll be cut off any moment now. But before that happens and before 43/7 happens, I need you to know that you absolutely need to prioritise-

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