Story:Fire and Fury

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Fire and Fury
Written 17 July 2019
Story Arcs Ramses story arc
Part 2
Previous I Am Become Life
Wordcount 166
Character(s) Ramses
Also posted at Chromographia

Time to test myself.

Time to see what I can do.

My Daughter comes with me. The one I stitched out of the Smog itself. I made life, but I can do so much more.

Out of death I build life anew.

I come upon a man. A man, barely born yesterday.

If I knew pity, I would pity him. I do not.

I give only what is deserved.

This man tries to keep memories of the old order. His body bears the imperfections of the past. He is a living relic of failure.

I purify him with my fire. Him and his filthy shack together. My daughter watches. She is beginning to learn who I am.

The first man was made of mud.

That lineage has failed. The wild aberrations of the Smog overpower them. All they have created is as Sodom and all they have built is like Gomorrah: torn asunder.

I cannot build as the old creators did. Everything must be perfect. This time, People shall be made with Fire.