Storm Elf

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Storm Elves were amongst the first of the elven subraces to form, with incredible levels of magic flowing through them. Storm elf children are considered blessed because of this, and raised with great care. However, storm elf children are incredibly difficult to handle, having an anarchic mind that far exceeds others of their kind. Sometimes, the child will become too much to deal with and will be "let free" before adulthood.


They have pale skin, often porcelain white. Their eyes are slightly larger than normal and range in color from brilliant blues to green or purple. Their hair color normally is a silver-white or black. Storm elves are said to have the most beautiful voices of all the elven races, and their songs are greatly sought after by bards of other races.


Storm elf warriors are geared towards war and power, answering to war chiefs who govern storm elf society equally with the religious leaders. They live by a complex code of honor and spend their lives defending their race. In combat, these storm elves show no mercy, often using ranged attacks and believing that others should know better than to create an enemy of a superior foe, such as themselves. They also view surrender to be dishonorable (for both themselves as well as their enemies), holding the idea that when a warrior draws blood, it is a promise of battle.