Solaurum system

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Solaurum system
Spectral type G
Age 4.7 Billion years
Size 0.95 solar masses
Stars 1
Planets 8
Moons 128
Cluster Yetu Basin
Galactic Arm Central Far North Arm
Polities Galactic Senate

Solaurum is a major star system for the Galactic Senate. It is home to the capital planet Ilion.



Obustus is a close orbitting planet that was once a gas giant. However, it's been stripped of its hydrogen and helium atmosphere leaving a metallic core.

Petra A and Petra B

Petra A and Petra B are two rocky, crater planets that orbit each other. Both are rich with iridium.


Antiquus is an Earth-sized planet with a thin atmosphere and a ring system. The planet is in its early stages of formation, and has acquired life recently in relative terms, so its terrain consists mostly of rocky outcroppings as a result from cooled lava. The only forms of life that inhabit Antiquus are lichens on the surface and microscopic protists that inhabit the planet's underground oceans.


Declisubele is a large gas giant about three times the mass of Jupiter. It has a magnificent ring system with 102 moons. Almost the entire colony on Illion was built out of resources originating from Declisubele and its moons. Declisubele has an unusual amount of krypton in its upper atmosphere giving it a unique green hue.


Main article: Ilion

Ilion is a major capital of the Galactic Senate although Domum Regimen's revival has long since drawn attention away from it. Today, it is a popular tourist destination.

Asteroid belt

Large amounts of iridium filled asteroids are found here. In the past, the gas giant Elliptorb likely tossed several asteroids careening towards Ilion and Antiquus supplying them with organic molecules and water.


A dark blue gas giant with an eccentric orbit. Its strange orbit created the asteroid belt in the system which ripped apart the former planet that was there. The elliptical orbit has also prevented it from migrating inward.


A light blue ice giant much like Neptune. It has 26 moons.


A small white gas dwarf about 12 Earth masses.