Sinine Clan

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Sinine Clan
Setting: Erudite Tales
Official languages Sinine
Species Fairy
Demonym Roheline
Government Hunter-gatherer
• Queen
Sinine Queen

The Sinine Clan is a clan of fairies. They are a primitive tribe of hunter gatherers that live high in the giant mushrooms.


Sinine fairies possess rainbow pallet butterfly wings. Generally, they wear simple attire colored with blue dye. They generally try to avoid conflict when they can.


The Sinine Clan has little in the ways of technology instead relying on their charm spells as a means of survival. Their power of persuasion is their greatest weapon.

If caught by a predator, a Sinine fairy could potentially escape by charming the predator into letting go. The same applies to other fairies as well. They can convince other fairy clans to hand over resources without compensation. Often, they do "peaceful" raids on other clans to acquire resources without conflict making them formidable opponents. However, the persuasion ability does not work against Queens nor does it work outside of Ishtar.


Sinine society follows a hunter-gatherer method. They move from mushroom to mushroom searching for food. Mostly, they harvest fruits from cherry stalks and occasionally charm animals into giving themselves as food to the Sinine Clan.

The Fairy Queen herself charms her own subjects from the moment of their birth, persuading them to be obedient and follow her to their death.