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Shifters are bizarre beings native to the Primanna. They are known for absorbing the consciousnesses of those whom they consume.



Ancient History

Nobody knows where these strange beings came from, but they've been in the Primanna for a long time. In the beginning, they were different. They were insatiable oneirophages, eating everything they could: people, spirits, animals (even each other) and contributed to a great change in the metaphysical ecosystem of the Primanna when they consumed. The closest thing they had to loyalty was their bland, but fanatic admiration for the Wild Dog Madu. Aside from that, they held nothing sacred. Many on Coracan called them Kynderen Madu'am - 'Children of Madu'

Over the millennia, destroyers would come and go and the Shifters would gleefully eat and eat and eat and explode in numbers during every apocalypse.

Sagambel to present

They even fought 'with' Madu while he was Night Emperor, up until the battle long ago that sealed him in confinement. 4319 years ago, during the last apocalypse, they sided with Mrotdal, the dragon-man who promised to release Madu in exchange for their support. After the end of the Sagambel, there were few Shifters left, as the Metaparliament was proving effective at restoring order and security in the aftermath of Mrotdal's reign as Night Emperor. They turned to cannibalism, but in their crisis, there was an awakening of sorts. It is said that then, they gained a conscience and they grew moral compasses where none previously existed. Others say there were always capable of good. Following the example of the Metaparliament, and perhaps also out of desperate self-preservation, they chose to govern themselves by laws. Eventually, they offered themselves to the Metaparliament as enforcers of the law and became the elite Yosa Kanen - or 'Spears of Law' They have proved themselves in combat, now as defenders of democracy, in combat against a number of would-be spirit-warlords and, most recently, distinguished themselves during the Panthalassa War. Their services are likely to again be needed in open battle soon.

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