Serulus (Conglomerate States condominium)

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Conglomerate States Condominium of Serulus
Setting: Dreamwalkers
Flag of Serulus, Seruluean Condominium, Serul Condo (colloquial)
Government Codominium
• High Administrator
Neil Mars Amrikaflag.svg
• Deputy High Administrator
Hope Merrun Indigoflag.png
• CS Representative
Valentina Gagara Canerlandflag.svg
 • Census 57
Currency None

The International Cosmos Treaty (4260) defined the legal status of all celestial bodies in Coracan's observable universe. According to the international law that this treaty defined, Serulus is a human condominium; it is owned simultaneously by all human beings. No nation-state can do any military actions in a CS condominium (CS Peacemakers are the only military forces allowed in CS condominiums), and no nation-state is allowed to claim celestial bodies, in part or whole. All prior territorial claims (the Panthalassa War made the claims messy) were officially dissolved.

The Serulean Condominium was officially established in 4260 (as a separate entity from the rest of the universe), to firmly establish the legal status of the astronauts living on the planet. Unique to this condominium, inhabitants of Serulus receive CS citizenship alongside whatever citizenship they had previously. Temporary residents are CS citizens until they return to Coracan, while permanent residents can maintain their dual citizenship for their whole life, even if they return to Coracan.

Currently, 57 people live on Serulus. There has been no natural population growth, (although the total population has grown substantially in the past decade) due to the colonists needing to officially ask the full assembly of the Conglomerate States (a representative of every state must be present) in a public broadcast (a transmission that would interrupt all television and radio programming on Coracan); an affirmative vote in the assembly would lift the procreation ban on Serulus for all time. The reason for this is process that (besides the need to ensure that future children will be taken care of properly and in an appropriate environment, given education and other kids to interact with, etc.) the birth of the first children on Serulus would mark a watershed moment in the history of humanity.

In the past few years, the condominium has reportedly been moving towards beginning natural population growth and making preparations to accommodate children. In 4317, a worldwide naming poll was established to name the first child; the top result was 'Yuri'. 'Baby McBabyface', widely expected to crack the top five, only achieved nineteenth . Yuri was judged by the committee that oversaw the poll as unisex, meaning that we already know the name of the first human child of Serulus.

Serulus is currently mostly used as a research base, but the next few decades are likely to bring immense change to the planet.