Seolu system

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Seolu system
Spectral type Unknown
Age Unknown
Size Unknown
Surface temperature Unknown
Diameter Unknown
Stars 1
Planets 6
Moons Unknown
Cluster Nidus Cluster
Galactic Arm Inner Far North Arm
Polities Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation

Seolu (Sauralian: ['sɛə.lu]) is a yellow main sequence star in the Inner Far North Arm slightly further from the Core than the center of the arm. It was the home system for the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation.



Literally translated as 'Hell', Mēdagum was always seen as a red dot from Karnas, due to its molten state.


A world seen as a one of two twin stars from Karnas. It is named after one of two twin angels of ancient Saurien religion.


A world seen as one of two twin stars from Karnas. It is named after Aidoan's twin.


Main article: Karnas

Karnas is the fourth planet from Seolu, and exists soundly in the center of the Goldilocks Zone of the Seolu system. It is a lush world with numerous biomes. Karnas itself has twin moons, Luna and Nocturne, 'Moon' and 'Night' respectively. Luna formed with Karnas, while Nocturne was a rogue planetoid left over from accretion that was captured safely by Karnas' gravity. However, the event altered Karnas' axial tilt, causing permanent increase in the length of the planet's night cycles, to the evolutionary advantage of the Karnasaurs.


A gas giant whose name means "Hunter". It was a Saurien myth that Fenōr, the larger and closer of the two gas giants, was pursuing Fenso across space and time because Fenso had disrespected an Angel. Fenōr lacks rings and has six moons, of which three, Fenōr I, II, and III are frozen, two, Fenōr IV and V, are rocky, and one, Fenōr VI, a desert. Fenōr IV is mined for its large amounts of iron while Fenōr V has high concentrations of uranium, though with the advent of fusion power the mining focus has shifted to the smaller pockets of lithium.


Fenso is a ringed gas giant, and has two moons, both frozen. Its name means "Hunted". Both Fenōr and Fenso are mined for hydrogen and noble gases for use in plasma weaponry.