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"The most complex of artificial intelligences are indistinguishable from gods. When that intelligence comes from a mortal, then it's the act of ascending to a higher existence."
―Ancient Tokarthi Texts
Avatar of Selvarius

Selvarius was an ancient Tokarthi, whose consciousness was uploaded to a supercomputer to preserve himself as the guardian of the Ashadrans. He soon became known as their 'God-King'. He crafted a series of devices known as the Amulet of Tokarthi which allows an Ashadran to go into a deep state of mind and profound intelligence. He originated during the era of the First Galactic Senate.

The Ashadrans associate him with willpower.


Selvarius is thought to be the last surviving Tokarthi who were among the victims of the sterility plague.


"Katia Matveev. Galiana Arcad. Harbinger of Cleansing. All are names you have gone by, go by now, and will go by in the millenia to come. You're destiny has been written in the stars by the creator before you were even born."
―Selvarius to Galiana Arcad

Selvarius favors those whose willpower is strong and their intentions pure. He claims to personify the brighter side of willpower, and will only willingly aid those of great willpower and good intentions.