Sea of Diamonds

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The Sea of Diamonds are an ocean found to the south of Kyartula on Ucharpli. The seafloor is covered in amazing crystal formations and variety of gems ranging from diamonds to rubies. Also in this ocean is one of the few locations known in the universe of the rarest gem which is often called Dragonrock which is the hardest known material in the universe.


Shinereach Archipelago

A series of tropical islands south of Joper considered the foundation of the old Joperian Empire.

Cloudreach Island

A mountain isle just off the coast of Joper. It is believed to be the reason why the Joperians became advanced sea faring people. It is considered one of the Ten Sacred Hills.




  • Diamond Wharion - Diamond Wharion are mammalian creatures that stay near the surface. They qualify as a repto-mammal because they have a metallic carapace to shield them from UV radiation, but also are warm-blooded.
  • Hydtox - A large serpent-like creature that preys on Diamond Wharion.