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General information
Status Thriving
Diet carnivorous
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan Varies by species

Scorpions are common arachnids found predominantly within the dry regions of Erudite. They are also extremely adaptable, and they can be found in both warm and cold weather areas.


Scorpions vary in size by species. The unifying traits consist of a set of pincers and a stinger tail. The high oxygen levels of Erudite allow for scorpions to grow to large sizes making them a foe that can pose a threat to travelers. They vary in color by region ranging from brown to dark red.


Scorpions generally do not attack others unless provoked. Some of the larger species are capable of being tamed and being used as mounts or siege engines.


  • Common scorpion - A small scorpion. They are the size of a human hand. They are often considered a delicacy by the Hegaska, and their poison is often used in both anti-venom and weaponry.
  • Leirian scorpion - A large scorpion that stands six meters. They tend to have spotted patterns for extra camouflage.
  • Rock scorpion - A close relative to the metal scorpion that can be found in mountainous areas. They are considered a hazard for miners, but they often hold valuable ore within them. Rock Scorpions are typically not venomous, but their tail can be used as a bludgeon.
  • Metal scorpion - Native to cold regions, metal scorpions have exoskeletons that can be made of a variety of different materials from iron to mithril. They are thought to have been the result of an ancient magical experiment gone wrong. Metal scorpion hides are sometimes used to create armor.
  • Elemental scorpions - These scorpion subspecies have magical abilities to defend themselves from predators and to catch prey. Their stringers are made of ekati.
    • Fire Scorpion - A scorpion capable of shooting fire from its stinger.
    • Ice Scorpion - A scorpion that can fire concentrated beam of ice to freeze its prey.
    • Lightning Scorpion - A scorpion that can use its stinger as a lightning rod to charge itself then fire blasts of electricity.
  • Behemoth scorpion - The largest known species of scorpion on Erudite, they can live for thousands of years by hiding buried in the sand. Waking one up is considered a terrible mistake.