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Scripture The Kaylun
God(s) Sanok

Offspring of Sanok

  • Ganai
  • Patakbraka
  • Melektaus
  • Kira
  • Uru
  • Boduk
  • Atshankemma
Evil god(s) The Dark Spirits
Venerated Celestial Throne, Ancestral Spirits, Nature spirits
Head Kanasha Umul VI
Headquarters Palace of the Reformation, Gau, Kynonfre
Holy land Kynonfre
Holy site(s) Gau, Ischa
Holy day(s) Revelation Day (6/4)
Adherents 200,000,000
Demonym Sanoki

In the distant past, the Great God Sanok created the world. Sanok built human beings out of his own hair. His creation, humanity, disappointed Sanok so much that he chose to end his own existence, splitting himself into many pieces in the process. From His Eyes, formed the Twin Fates. Patak and Braka From His Brain, the Celestial Throne. From His Arms, the Mighty Lawgivers: Melek and Taus From His Heart, the Locus of Emotion: Kira From His Liver, the Erudite God: Uru From His Stomach, the Devourer: Boduk From His Legs, the Pillars of Creations: Atshan and Kemma From His Name, the First Angel: Ganai, who sits on the Celestial Throne

The Spirits, Humanity and the Gods are all believed to have been created from Sanok's body. Sanok incorporates elements of ancestor worship and animism. Sanok used to be an unorganised group of folk religions, but, many thousands of years ago, the King of Kynonfre, and many of the most powerful priests in his grand, unified realm, reformed the ancient religion and unified the diverse beliefs of the continent under a formalised church hierarchy. Sanok has a canonical holy text: the Kaylun, which details the ancestral legends, the story of creation, of Sanok's dissolution, of the reformation, of the prophets who did great things in Sanok's Name and foretold the unification of all children of Sanok. Sanok is headed by the descendants of the original reformer-king and hold the title of Kanasha to the present. The current Kanasha, is not king of Kynonfre, since the country is now a republic, however, Umul VI continues to be the spiritual head of some 200 million people. (about 4% of the world population) Sanok's two most important holy sites are Gau, where the Reformer received the call to reform the faith, and Ischa (which is also a holy site for the Katri religion)

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