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Sand Elves are a subrace of elves descended from a group that preferred the desert to the forest and migrated there long ago. Now found primarily in arid climates, sand elves have become somewhat of an embarrassment of other elves, and only rock elves or a particularly open-minded high elf truly accept them for what they believe.


Unlike other groups of elves -which are shorter- the desert elves' height ranges from 5 to 6 feet and their weight is usually from 90 to 180 pounds. Sand elves still maintain the same facial features most elves have, except for the hair, which is curly and usually ranges from light to dark brown. Their eyes are either gray or dark brown, sometimes raging to either black or purple.


Sand elves are direct, harsh, always give their true opinion about something, and commonly have problems lying. It is quite common that a dwarf relates better to a sand elf than to a high elf, because like the dwarves, sand elves have a rigid code of law, in which truth above all else is highly cherished.

sand elves relate better with individuals that dwell in the desert, such as a few human and hegaska settlements along the oasis. Sometimes sand elves trade with dwarves exchaning minerals they sometimes gather on the rocky areas of the deserts, for water -which is highly valued by sand elves-. Sand elves feel that other elves are aloof, ignorant, and have enormous egos, and usually start with the wrong foot with them when trying to socialize with them, but violent events are unheard of.