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Date 16,851 Ag

(Approximately 6 hours)

Location The Primanna cluster of Dreamworlds
Status Apocalypse on Coracan, destruction of many dreamworlds and the creation of numerous extant dreambleeds.

The Sagambel was a worldwide apocalyptic conflict on Coracan that occurred at the end of the Classical Era, over 10,000 years ago.


Before the Sagambel, every civilisation and nation knew dreamwalking. The knowledge of past eras was well known. Thousands of years previously, humanity invaded the Night, the centre of elemental Void energy in the Primanna and stagnated as a result. Over the millennia, people and civilisations turned into stone and those who were left quarrelled over the little that was left, blind to the need to renew the Night in order to restore balance.

They held their dreamworlds, many of which were massive cultural artefacts built and maintained over thousands of years, as weapons, poised to threaten other people in a deadly game of Mutually Assured Destruction.


Many of the dreamworlds of the Primanna bled into Coracan. Worlds woven over millennia were smeared into the dust. Life itself was threatened. Peoples and nations and tribes simply vanished or died. Even ideas themselves and many gods disintegrated. Ancient memories and old, powerful gods died. Retroactively, it has been discovered that the Sagambel could only have taken a week at most. It appears to have been a situation of mutually assured destruction, one that ended in apocalypse.

Many dreamworlds collapsed into the gyrus itself.

There were a few warriors who lived beyond the initial week. Some stayed alive in isolated dreamworlds. Others wasted away from insanity. A handful might have escaped the Primanna altogether, flung out of it in the chaos that was the Sagambel. A number managed to return to Coracan safely to set up Silver Era civilisations. But, a few might still be out there after all this time. Occasionally, a dreamwalker might find a Sagambel-era fighter who thinks the same war is going on, having lost all track of time. Purple life became dominant for several centuries into the Silver Era, as it was during the Heroic Era. The Sagambel is the reason dreamwalking remains a curiosity in Coracan and is responsible for large gaps in the historical record.

Map of the Primanna.png

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