Saask Clan

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Saask Clan
Setting: Erudite Tales
Largest world Karamella City
Official languages Saask
Races Fairy
Demonym Saask
Government Absolute monarchy
• Empresss
Empress of Saask

The Saask Clan is a Fairy clan that inhabits the Sunless Isles which is an area that is blocked by sunlight by the floating Tangled Island.


Saask fairies have pale white skin, black hair and black, leathery wings. Their incisors are very sharp, capable of piercing the skin to draw blood from a living creature. Saask fairies usually wear either red or black clothing made from silk and fabric.

Saask fairies are nocturnal since they are native to the Sunless Isles where it is always nighttime. While they can consume any type of food, they prefer the taste of blood.


Saask weapons are usually fashioned from chitin in the form of hand claws used for slicing opponents. They are also experienced in stone masonry, capable of building fortified walls.

Saask also farm both animals and fairies from other clans for blood with the latter being reserved solely for the Empress. Most of the time, when blood is harvested the creature or fairy does not die so long as they have been properly nourished.


The Saask Clan is ruled by the Empress of Saask, a Fairy Queen said to be directly related to the founder of the Saask Clan. She has absolute power and she rules through fear. Despite this, individual fairies are recognized as independent entities with their own money. Money is in the form of stones. Larger stones are more valuable than pebbles.

Saask society is a hierarchy split by economic status with nobles on the top and laborers on the bottom.

The Saask also regard the Roheline as the equivalent of cattle open for kidnapping. The Roheline fairies are ambivalent on their fate, but at the very least, they occasionally complain about the quality of the provided food.