Republic of the Omni

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Republic of the Omni
Capital Not specified
Religion Omni religion
Government Republic
 -  Foundation Unknown
 -  Disestablishment Unknown

The Republic of the Omni is the earliest known spacefaring faction of the Omni.


The Republic of the Omni ran elections to determine the Voices of the Republic, or the ones who were most suited to the leader caste. (In Omni language, the words "voice" and "lead" are synonyms.)


Because the Omni reproduced by the hundreds, individuality had little meaning in their culture. In fact, to use first person pronouns was considered highly egotistical, as all Omni considered themselves as part of a greater whole. They had a collectivist philosophy of death, and they did not believe in either the soul or an afterlife. Instead, according to their religion, when an Omni dies, their life energy gets recycled in the universe allowing new life forms to raise up elsewhere. Their consciousness ceases to exist.

Family units in the Republic of the Omni were not nuclear, and Omni parents never took care of their own children. Instead, they donated their eggs to large incubators where the third gendered Omni would fertilize them. The eggs would be distributed amongst the population to fulfill societal roles as needed. Where they would be distributed is up to the Voices.


  • Ziamlia - Because of opposite psychologies, the Omni and the Ziamlia tolerate each other but are slow to develop relations. Trade between them is slow, and goods originating from one species homeworld are incredibly expensive in the other.
  • Garud - The two get along very well for their like-minded thinking.
  • Yeutin - Relationships are worsened. An attempt for first contact with the last several hundred remaining Yeutin resulted in them stealing Omni technology.