Renr Gron

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Renr Gron was a former Karnasaur known by Etah Owar during the Karnasaur Era. Renr had himself implanted with additional cybernetics to become the leader of the Genodraco Legion. He collaborated with the Hashaeons to cause galaxy wide chaos.


Thousands of standard years ago, Etah served with a Karnasaur ELICAN V.2, a product of the V.2 ELICAN Program, a failed attempt at making more, cheaper ELICANS. They were definitely supersoldiers, but they were incomparable to Etah's ELICANS. During a Hi-Risk mission in the Core to extract intel from a Genodraco mainframe, Renr was captured shortly after uploading the intel to Etah's wrist computer, which he used to save several lives. He was officially declared KIA. Renr was the finest Karnasaur Etah knew at the time, he would never betray the Galaxy, until his mind became corrupted.

According to reports, Renr received a vision from the Harbingers which convinced him to implant himself. He was promised him infinite power and his own army of Genodraco to lead against the KMF to take revenge on them.