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The Qilin were a race of mortals native to Khyorgan, specifically originating from the island of Gomchar. Though they long predated the arrival of Man to Khyorgan, they had become an obscure race by the time of the Khyorganese Renaissance.



The Qilin were native to Gomchar, but would take war to the rest of Khyorgan. Often thought of by post-Matharian historians as "flesh eating barbarians", the Qilin would happily feast on their fallen enemies. The Qilin would travel into the southern continents, Lexighor, Andavronia, and Obreidhion, to raid early settlers and natives alike. The Qilin, along with the colossal Golems and frightening Abominations, helped give Khyorgan a reputation as a vicious and untamed continent inhabited by monsters and violent warmongers.

It came to pass, however, that the Kingdom of Taurya, under the leadership of King Matharis IV, carried out a crusade against the abominations, and then purged many non-human races from Taurya, leading to his loss of the throne. King Matharis remained alive, however, and yet enjoyed wide popularity among large swaths of populations he had freed from the Abominations' reign of terror; King Matharis rallied armies and brought war to the Qilin, seeing them as yet another threat to be purged, eventually wiping most of them out and establishing his kingdom in their homeland.

After Gomchar was taken over by humans, the remaining Qilin had few places to seek refuge. Many of those who survived took great effort to preserve the complex traditions and history of their culture after the only Qilin nation had fallen, and thus, they were, by the time of the Khyorganese Renaissance, thought of by Khyorgan's denizens moreso as scholars and historians than barbarians and warriors.