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In the beginning there was only Mist. The ancestor of the elements.
Then, the Mist was separated into two: Empty and the Full.
The Empty was separated into two. The Void: unliving, and the Fire: undying
The Full was separated into two. The Dust: stedfast, and the Water: persistent


The Void is what could be
The Fire is what is
The Dust is what was
The Water is what will be

The Void became the Night
The Fire became the Sun
The Dust became Coracan
The Water became Serulus

Potential and certainty
Past and Future

Life is conceived in the Void, birthed in Fire, dies in Dust and is reborn in Water
Humanity is born from dust and water. Spirit comes from fire. Imagination comes from the void.

The Sun cannot interfere with the Night because it is not the business of the present to shut down what might yet be
The Night remains dark because the present cannot be held back by idle dreams
Yet the Light can anchor the Darkness and the Darkness can anchor the Light, as the stars shine as sentinels in the night.

This is why the black river in the Night exists. It is Void itself
This is why the Sun allows life to exist
This is why dust shows echoes of the past
This is why water wears down the hills and the mountains; it moulds the future and nourishes it

The four religious categories are really a reflection of the elements.
Dayutras and Jienas are concerned with what could be and are affiliated with the Void. They stare the Void in the face and accept it.
Merenbaduttas pay attention to what is and are affiliated with Fire. They see living and dying and process.
Pagans remember what was and are affiliated with Dust. They look back to the ancestors and the gods for guidance.
Cruxis focus on what will be and are affiliated with Water. They gaze forward to the End of Time.
Just as the four elements are born from One, the Mist, so too are the four faiths born from One.
In early times, people were in tune with all elements.
But now, they are divided, unconnected. And that has brought strife and war.

All the elements are equal and worthy of understanding
None of the elements is Truth, for it is beyond the elements
But the truth is out there
And the elements are ways of looking

Cultural Meanings

The people of Coracan have their own understandings of the meaning of the elements

Water - Childhood. The youth is yet unformed, flexible. Their paths are wide open before them.
Fire - Young adulthood. This is the stage of passion, of making one's mark on the world.
Dust - Middle to old age. This is the stage of stagnation or adaptation. Like Dust itself, one can choose to be set in their ways or choose to float free and unbound.
Void - Death and unbirth.

Fire: Electricity, vibrant, living energy and also its destruction
Dust: Matter, the structure of the world. Logical and rigid, but can be released into a free-floating form.
Void: Potential energy. The most mysterious of the elements. It is all about creativity and novel thought
Water: Change and life. It is all about flow and redirection

Fire is the 'breath of life'. It is connected to emotion and sentience.
Dust is structure
Void is more about creativity and sapience.
Water is animation/flow

Fire is passion and challenges strength
Dust is strength and allows perspective
Void is perspective and creates resolution
Water is resolution and calms passion

Through passion, you discover what you are
Through strength, you become who you are
Through perspective you discover what you can be
Through resolution you become what you can be



Each element has its own energy centre in the Primanna, called a Nexus. Coracan is the Dust Nexus, Serulus (Coracan's twin planet) is the Water Nexus, the Night is the Void Nexus and the Sun is the Fire Nexus.

Human body

Likewise, in the human body, each element has its own Nexus, located in a different part of the body.

The Water Nexus, or the Flow Nexus, is located in the Heart and is associated with Action and FlowIn a human there are four nexuses:
It is frozen by fear of change
The Fire Nexus is located in the Brain and is associated with Passion and Reason
It is quenched by apathy
The Dust Nexus is located in the Liver and is associated with Integrity and Logic
It is shattered by compromise
The Void Nexus is located in the Lungs and is associated with Creativity and Perspective
It is blocked by stubbornness


Each element also has an elemental guardian. The Mayakut are the Water Guardians, the Celestial Dragons are the Fire Guardians, the Corackut are the Dust Guardians and the Karakas are the Void Guardians.

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