Politics of the United Kyekna Monarchies

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The United Kyekna Monarchies is a Federal Monarchy made up of numerous constituent monarchies, principalities, states, and territories, wherein power is held by the executive authority of the emperor or empress, as well as the tricameral legislature.

The United Kyekna Monarchies has historically been shaped by the Chechkal Wars and the unison required to persevere through them, with UKM victories in the wars emboldening the populace, and CHKC-27 AI attacks uniting the population in disgust and anger towards their shared enemy. By the time the Chechkal Wars had ended, the boundaries between differing constituent societies had faded, and formerly separate economies and cultures had grown together, and the bonds first grown during the Chechkal Wars have evolved to remain today with a strong sense of loyalty and friendship even between groups culturally, ethnically, and religiously alien to one another.

The UKM's populace primarily consists of 4 species:

  • The industrious Kyekna Isopterans of Kenaklesh, who originally founded the UKM. The Kyekna are a caste society, and are biologically hardwired with a sense of loyalty towards their colony and monarch. The Kyekna are evolutionarily inclined moreso towards defending their own colonies than forcing others to bend to their whims, which has historically made them agreeable partners for the other races of the Chechkal Cluster. The Kyekna remain the majority species, dominating UKM society in terms of numbers.
  • The Threzket Zorapterans, also native to Kenaklesh, despite their sapient-level intelligence, have historically been unable to compete with the Kyekna due to lack of societal structure. While some Threzket attempted to form their own societies, others simply opted to join Kyekna polities, if they were allowed to do so, and today both Threzket-majority polities and Threzket minority groups within Kyekna monarchies exist.
  • The Cheripodi of Chekach, who were nearly wiped out by the CHKC-27 AIs before the UKM saved them. The Cheripodi are brachiopods, and they rarely expand beyond their home system of Chroliaden, with the exception of several exoduses lead by religious and ideological groups.
  • The distinct Zhariz of Akakz are silicon-based lifeforms hailing from a greenhouse world. Being comfortable at a temperature hot enough to melt lead, the odd biology of the Zhariz makes it expensive and dangerous for them to live within the same population centers as the rest of UKM society, but they are able to take advantage of planets that would normally be considered uninhabitable, such as Tzalcak, a distant world in the UKM's capital Kakoonal system.

Foreign Affairs

Patriotism and pride over the accomplishments of the UKM during the Chechkal Wars play a significant role in UKM society across borders and wide reaches of space, the obliteration of CHKC-27 A is marked by a federal celebration nationwide, while the similar annihilation of Akakech, end of the Kichatz Campaign, and several other victories of the Chechkal Wars remain locally celebrated across varying polities and communities. The Chechkal Wars a reremembered as a mark of honor and a reminder of the power the UKM is capable of when united as a cohesive body.

The UKM and it's public are highly nationalistic, at times even isolationist, relying on internal relations, systems, and resources for support, as the UKM did in the time of the Chechkal Wars, rather than becoming entangled with unaccountable and alien economies and political movements. Though the UKM's populace makes some effort to remain informed on events throughout the Crucible Galaxy, getting involved in any of those events is a rare occurrence.

Despite it's non-interventionist habits, the UKM retains formidable military might to defend it's territory from attack, and strike back against any enemy which provokes it's wrath. The United Kyekna Monarchies Defense Force consists of an army, navy, air force, space armada, probe & satellite agency, and missile force, and works together with individual polities' defense forces and law enforcement agencies to secure the United Kyekna Monarchies against foreign and domestic threats. Additionally, the UKMDF helps to control both health hazards such as diseases & radiation, and natural disasters, and provide relief aid to those affected by them.

The UKMDF maintains an arsenal of heavy-duty weaponry, including not only planetary WMDs but anti-planet weapons, first developed in the Bezck system for use against the CHKC-27 AIs; The UKMDF has destroyed the planets of Akakech and CHKC-27 A using such weapons, and both events are largely remembered with pride across the UKM.

Domestic Liberties and Law

The UKM values and protects the personal freedoms of it's populace to a degree, protecting freedom of speech, freedom to self-defense, right to equality under the law, right to personal property, freedom from violence and theft, and several more civil liberties; The UKM government has historically almost always taken a Liberal or Libertarian approach to personal rights, allowing most anything that does not harm another individual, infringe on their rights, damage their property, or damage their public reputation through slander or libel.

A historical exception to the more libertarian laws of the UKM were many anti-pollution laws in place during the early years of the monarchies; Advances in technology have allowed pollution to be reversed much more easily and cost-effectively, and pollution laws have been on a consistent trend of decreasing in severity and popularity.

Despite laws and protections for environmental and animal rights concerns, the UKM has historically been willing to terraform planets to make them inhabitable for the Kyekna or other member species, such as the post-garden desert world of Chityl or the rocky metal-rich planet Okikz, regardless of the effects on planetary biota; The UKM has gone so far as to outright destroy two planets, Akakech and CHKC-27 A, obliterating not only the life of the planets but any relics of scientific interest which may have spread to the worlds due to their proximity to Zekchik and CHKC-27 B respectively.

While UKM law is fair and reasonable, at least in the public eye, the law is not easy on crime by any means, and executions are expected for certain kinds of murderers, grievous traitors, and other exceptionally heinous criminals.