Petrie-Obervakh Psychic Energy Detector Array

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The Petrie-Obervakh Psychic Energy Detector Array (POPEDA) is an array of detectors of psychic energy located at Petrie-Obervakh station in far northern Canerland. This is the closest point on land to Coracan's north pole. POPEDA is jointly administered by the CS and Canerland. What POPEDA does is observe in intricate detail the magnetic fields around Coracan's north pole. This allows them to detect if anything alien to the Primanna cluster enters it.

There is a large amount of Gyrus dust trapped around the poles of Coracan. The dust, like ordinary dust, has a different structure depending on where it's from and what it's made of. Over time, the dust from different parts of the Primanna has been identified, so anything new can be noticed. Also, Gyrus dust is known to attract further particles the longer it travels in the Gyrus. Like a hailstone, Gyrus dust can be analysed to see how long it has travelled (and thus how old) it is and through where it has travelled.

For example, if most Gyrus dust from point A travelled through point B before being detected, it is reasonable to conclude that point A is more difficult to access ('further away') than point B.


As far back as before the Panthalassa War, the need to moniter Gyrus dust was understood and the optimal locations - the poles - was already known. Existing detectors were too close to human habitation which made it very difficult to determine what was coming from outside Coracan or the Primanna. However, due to the difficulty presented by icy terrain, no permanent facilities could be built for a long time.

During the Panthalassa War of 4251-4258, Gyrus dust analysis was used for wartime espionage, leading to great advances in its technologies and detectors moved ever closer to the poles. At the end of the War, the newly-established Conglomerate States created POPEDA as its own gyrus dust detector.

POPEDA's history has been largely uneventful in its search for extra-clusteral threats or signs of humans from other clusters attempting to contact Coracan or the CS. However, in 4319, POPEDA was the first to detect a human entering the Primanna from another cluster, believing them to be from the Sol Cluster. As a result, preparations for Earth-Coracan contact were rapidly ramped up.


POPEDA is managed by a department of the Conglomerate States Metasecurity Taskforce (CSMT) under the command of Maryan Terschel. Canerland metasecurity cooperate with CSMT in running the site and analysing the results.

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