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Conglomerate States Condominium of Pentapolis
Setting: Dreamwalkers
Flag of Pentapolis
Official languages Pan
National languages Pan
Religions 42% Cruxi
31% Unaffiliated
12% Dayutra
6% Katri
5% Yewjie
3% Other
Demonym Pentapolitan
Government Condominium
• Comissioner-Mayor
David Murak
Legislature Parliament
Conglomerate States condominium
• CS Condominium created
6 Charu 4259
• Construction of city started
2 Janus 4260
 • Estimate 23,000,000,000
Currency Amrikan Gan, others accepted
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the Left
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Pentapolis is a Conglomerate States condominium that serves as its global administrative hub and a place for international dispute resolution on Coracan.

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