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The following is a sample pitch for the Galactic Crucibles setting. Please be aware that other settings may require different criteria for pitches.

The Xampula were a species of intelligent gas bags in the Galactic Crucibles setting. They were octopoidal creatures with large heads filled with buoyant gases that allowed them to float. Their ten arms allowed them to manipulate a variety of different tools.

The Xampula were native to a low gravity gas giant moon called Sampla IV located in a Class K star system called the Kesustadi system. The Kesustadi system was found in the Kes Nebula in the Solitasemta Arm of the Crucible Galaxy. Sampla IV had a very high atmospheric pressure, and large floating creatures such as giant blimp whales could be found there. The Xampula would hunt these whales for food and other resources.

Xampula society evolved from disparate tribes to a strict autocratic dictatorship. Using superior military tactics, a tyrant leader named Bokun managed to unite the world under an iron fist in a brutal society where civilians obeyed the law through fear. As a result, their society was dedicated to expansion and conquest. One reason why their conquest was so successful was that they relocated people in family groups throughout their empire, effectively removing ties to their original homeland.

These gas bags worshiped a technology god known as Takara whose life essence was said to inhabit all the gadgets ever constructed. They believed that the more technology they used, the greater spirituality they would achieve. This belief system descended from a prehistoric encounter with the Omni Empire who visited their homeworld briefly to conduct exploratory missions of this part of the galaxy.

The Xampula colonized three star systems, but have yet to achieve FTL capabilities. They traveled from system to system via antimatter rockets. To attack other opponents, they made use of particle weapons to melt a ship's outer hull, then proceeded to finish them off with standard kinetic weaponry. On the ground, they still used gunpowder weapons due to it being much more easily accessible to mass produce.

Because this species has yet to achieve FTL, it still took them years for them to travel between systems. The sluggish communication between star systems motivated some colonies to fight for independence due to Bokun's draconian laws. I'm planning a self-enclosed Xampula story arc consisting of a trilogy of stories: the first one about a soldier from Sampla IV that got stationed on one of the colonies, the second about the resistance movement, and the third about the repercussions of establishing an independent colony.

The Xampula were contemporary to the era of the First Galactic Senate. As such, they may be in close proximity to ancient Vaikan civilizations. Perhaps a first contact event may occur when an independent colony sends a signal across to them asking for help in the war against Bokun.